22.04.2021, PMU School

About Veronika Fleišer

Veronika Fleišer 

- interntional master trainer for PMU, certified medical beautician and cosmetician and accredited trainer for basic and advanced PMU courses, accredited trainer for cosmeticians.

- Veronika started her professional career as cosmetican and permanentn make-up artist in 2011. She has worked with great passion for many years and has perfected her work during this time. With experience over 10 years now she is constantly working on new techniques and products.

- She has visited various congresses and masterclasses with renowned international PMU masters worldwide to learn from the best.

- Veronika is the founder of Fleiš Academy of permanent make-up and cosmetics based in Czec republic. She´s the inventor of her own tattoo authentic tattoo pen and Fleiš machine. She is also the founder and owner of EXPERT SERIES® pigment line and FLEIŠ ACADEMY® product line. 

- Veronika has invented her own NUDE LIPS® technique which is trade mark protected. 

- Working as international speaker and trainer currently. She is beeing invited as a speaker to most significant conferences and congresses worldwide. She is also attending many worldwide competitions as jury.


  • Pro Artist titul (international association of PMU)
  • TAT2SKIN master trainer (oficial trainer for TAT2SKIN brand)
  • NPM master trainer (official trainer of the NPM brand)
  • winner of many international competitions


Judge in international PMU competitions.
Prezentation of her skills, techniques and knowledge at international PMU congresses in Dubaji, Los Angeles, Bucharest, Moscow, Prague, Wien...
Individual trainings for intenational students
Masterclasses abroad
Organizing the first PMU congress in Czech republic
First page in magazine Kosmetika & Wellness
Interviews in czech magazines about PMU
Accredited PMU teacher under Health Ministry of Czech republic.
Accredited courses of level 4 for PMU.