30.11.2020, PMU School


Welcome to Fleiš Academy!

Professional PERMANENT MAKE-UP courses.

We rely on quality education with sufficient experience under the careful supervision of experienced trainers.
We lead students to independence and teach them to cope with everyday work in the salon and different types of clients. 

"I pay great attention to quality education not only for my students but also for myself. My trainings are an unique mix of information from many foreign trainings and especially from my practice - I teach only  procedures that I have personally applied and have proven successful in practice. I prefer an individual approach and one-on-one training or small groups of students.

I am fighting for positive changes in czech law and rules for granting accreditations and authorizations. I work closely with the Union of Beauticians to decide on important changes. I participated in the creation of a master's examination at the Institute of National Education.

Our academy educates some of the best artists in the Czech Republic and we give them a chance to grow their careers. We teach stylists to deal with all skin types so that they are ready for a diverse clients. We do not teach only on perfect young models, but on "regular" customers. I believe that only  this way you will be perfectly prepared for your practice.

Everyone can be master when working on young firm skin but creating beautiful and tasteful eyebrows on 55+ skin is a real art.

I have developed and designed my own authentic machine for PMU and mini tattoos as well as needles and pigment line. "